ReportLab is one frustrating piece of software...

I'm starting to grow a strong dislike to it, enough to steer me off Python to JVM, with Jython or Scala. Case in point: its authors considered that it's appropriate to overload the Paragraph class from the platypus module, to make it accept a form of "xml". There's no switch to disable this behavior and its xml handling is something straight out of the 90's: no namespaces, no validation. What happens for example, when you're trying to make a paragraph with the text:

 "Some html documents contain <img> tags"

That's right, you'll encounter an error. The "<img>" fragment is interpreted as an img tag for the Paragraph, which will then complain that it's missing a src attribute. I wonder how can ReportLab be promoted as an enterprise solution and still display this behavior. The easiest solution, in my opinion, would be to create a new class that accepts properly formated xml, and RL's special tags need to be isolated in a new namespace. Fortunately, for the time being, I can do a replace for the "<" character with the &lt; entity.