Laughable bug in a new Google Webmaster Tools feature

Somebody at Google has screwed up in a laughable manner. Webmaster Tools just got a new feature: the ability to tell Google that you have moved a site to a new domain. I'm in the same situation with one site that I manage: has been moved recently to Although I have done my best (I still need to persuade nginx to generate 301 redirects instead of 302) to ease this transition and absolutely everything pointing to the  is redirected to the .org address, Google is really slow in picking the change and the Webmaster Tools show links from as the main source of links to the new .org domain. Unfortunately, as things stand now, it's impossible for me to use this feature: Google doesn't recognize * as being a "root level domain", as can be seen in the next two screenshots. I wonder, domains have the same problems?


First, the bug

Bug in Google Webmaster Tools

And this is how it's supposed to look

This is how it's supposed to look