Using FCKEditor in Ajax views on Zope 3

I'm working on a new, AJAX based application for a friend, which will run under Zope 3. Being a rather "CMS-ish" type of application, I need to provide an easy way to edit some rich text fields. I've settled on the FCKEditor, for which there is an already packaged library as zope.html (also depends on zope.file). I would have used TinyMCE, but I hit on a problem: all these visual editors have difficulties when loaded in "dynamic loaded views".

To solve the FCKEditor problems I had to do the following (blessed be the other bloggers of the Internet which already had to deal with this problem):

<script type="text/javascript">
FCKeditorAPI = null;
__FCKeditorNS = null;
FCKTools = null;
if (FCKeditorAPI) {
       for (instance in FCKeditorAPI.__Instances) {
           field_name = instance.toString();
           field_value = FCKeditorAPI.GetInstance(field_name).GetXHTML();
           sub_form[field_name].value = field_value;

While searching the net for other editors that might not have this problem, I've found this page that contains a big listing of all types of HTML visual editors. To tell the truth, in my use case, I'd be happy with something like Epoz (and I even have checked it on the web), but the project seems dead and I think I would have had to strip the zope/plone integration out of it.

After more then 6 or 7 years of not having to deal with JavaScript I'm very very rusty. Even for the most simple questions - like: how do you get the properties of an object? how do you check if an object has a property? how do you check if an object exists - I had to look at references. But it's all part of the learning experience, which fortunately, is the part that I enjoy most.