First glance at Plone 3

Thanks to the easy plone 3 buildout (plonout), I'm having my first look at the upcoming Plone 3. Some of the more evident changes:

A lot of new, exciting stuff, without even looking under the hood (Zope 2.10, lots of zope 3 technology used, KSS and Ajax). I've encountered several bugs and there are several areas that could be improved, so it would be great if more people would download the ploneout and run Plone 3.0, at least to have a look, play with the new technologies and report the bugs. 

I presume that upgrading Plone 2.1/2.5 to Plone 3 would be relatively easy if there weren't many customizations done to the management interface, but this new technology also adds to the complexity of the Plone as application development framework. One last thing, if you haven't learned Zope 3 by now, start right now, it has become unavoidable in developing for Plone 3.