When did tmux get plugins?

Well, this is new to me. Apparently tmux now supports plugins. I don’t really know if I need any plugin, I enjoy tmux as it is right now (after some customizations) but it’s good to know that plugins finally exist for tmux.

So, what do we have:

First, the Tmux Plugin Manager: https://github.com/tmux-plugins/tpm

Next, the tmux Facebook PathPicker plugin (which is a marvelous thing I didn’t knew existed): https://github.com/tmux-plugins/tmux-fpp and https://github.com/facebook/pathpicker/

As a side note, watching github stars has become my primary mode to stay current with the latest news in programming. I’ve created a script that prints out only “social” activity of those people that I follow, so I get to see, each morning, what’s popular in the world of programming, outsourced to a number of 374 people, the people I’m following right now. I get about 20 links each day from a variety of projects and languages, but with a flavour based on my own interests. Pretty cool! The script is here: https://github.com/tiberiuichim/minitools/blob/master/get_git_social_log.py

I mention this because the Tmux Plugins were a discovery I made reading the this file in a recently starred project: https://github.com/cwonrails/dotfiles/blob/master/archlinux/.tmux.conf