Using pyramid_jwt with pyramid_multiauth

pyramid_jwt has its own convenience method of registering as an authentication policy, through config.set_jwt_authentication_policy. It does so because the constructor of its policy takes a lot of arguments, so it’s best to trust the package to do its own setup.

But this makes it a bit harder to use with pyramid_multiauth, as you can’t easily pass the JWTAuthenticationPolicy policy to the multiauth.policies setting. Turns out that is not hard at all. pyramid_multiauth has its own magic trick of pulling the rabbit out of the hat by reviving policies set with config.set_authentication_policy, so, to register the pyramid_jwt authentication policy, a simple module is needed:

# this is module mystuff.auth

from pyramid_jwt import set_jwt_authentication_policy

def includeme(config):

Now, in the settings ini file, register the policy as a module:

multiauth.policies = mystuff.auth

The trick that multiauth does is to register an action for the commit phase of the configuration process that extracts the authentication set in place by the module and adds it to a _policies list that is passed in the constructor and stored by MultiAuthenticationPolicy. A bit dirty, but brilliant.