Some issues with zc.recipe.egg's python option

I've recently had to integrate a script/package into a Plone 2.5 buildout that runs on top of Python 2.4. Due to that package's dependence of a sane imaplib (and the one in Python 2.4 is buggy), I had to run the script with python2.6. To make a script run on a different python, you need to do:

recipe = zc.regipe.egg
eggs = 
python = python26

The python26 option is actually the name of a buildout part that configures the python executable path

python = /usr/bin/python26

Now the problems. I've had various buildouts fail with a message "Cannot find egg myegg". After a bit of effort, we managed to trace the cause to this problem:

First, the python path in the [python26] part was incorect. Second, even if it pointed to the proper binary, the -devel packages for that python needed to be installed.

Well, now I know. Hopefully I'll remember it for the next time when I'll encounter the problem.