A list of Javascript files loaded by Plone 2.5

A simple deployment of a Plone 2.5 site (I know, antiquated) means that the pages shown for anonymous users are loaded with JS and CSS content that they will not need. They are, usually, the biggest group of visitors, so it is important do make the pages load fast, to have a good impression for first time visitors. The introduction of the Resource Registry in Plone 2.5 makes it easy to set the order and the conditions to load each resource (and, as a result, the merging conditions between resource files), but there's no page to document what each JS file does, for example (AFAIK). Because of my recent need to optimize such a site, I've created a list of the javascript files loaded by Plone 2.5. Plone 3.x makes it even easier to make sure that you get the minimum number of merged resource files by having the "Automatic grouping" function, but for Plone 2.5 I had to rearange the files myself to get the best result (3 JS files: one for anonymous users, one for users that are authenticated and one that is loaded for Kupu).