Moving to Intrepid and KDE 4.1

KDE 4.1 screenshotI've migrated my laptop (my main workstation, these days) and I've done a complete migration to the KDE 4.1 desktop. Things are not perfect, (on the old KDE 3.5 I'd say things were 99% according to my tastes), but I'm trying to accomodate and find replacements. I didn't like the KDE 4.1 launcher at first and I've even tested Launcelot for a while, but now I'm back to the default menu and I'm starting to like it (on 3.5 I was using Tasty Menu).

I'm using Scultptura style with the Scultura-Stone color scheme and Sculptura window decoration. I needed to add another plasmoid from kde-look, the panel spacer, to make the systray smaller and separate the buttons on the right side to those on the left.

Things that I'm missing:

Things that I'm happy with: