A tip on debugging Zope 2 with ZEO

I'm having some troubles with CacheFu, and I've resorted to deleting some objects from a debug prompt, which is very easy to get at if one runs the Zope under ZEO. Still, I couldn't delete the objects because I was getting Unauthorized errors. Luckily, there is #plone, from which I got the following tip:

<naro> from AccessControl.SecurityManagement import newSecurityManager
<naro> user = app.acl_users.getUser('admin')
<naro> newSecurityManager(None, user)

Thanks, naro! 

Update: I realize now that I didn't write how to connect to ZEO:

#bin/instance debug


#bin/zopectl debug

This will connect the ZEO client and drop you in a python shell