Some thoughts about the purpose of this blog

I've been thinking lately at the purpose of this blog, what it wants to be, what is really a blog and what I should write here. The number of posts have gone down in the last half of year, partly due to increased work load and partly due to some restructuring that I have done.

In general, I'm unhappy about posting small tips and bits of information on the blog, that's why I have created a Tips & Tutorials section on this site. I have copied or moved a lot of the content from the blog to this section and I'm also adding new stuff. I'll write new entries in the blog if there's anything worth noticing that I add there. At the moment, my "masterpiece" is an index of the packages available on, done as an exercise in learning about the available extensions but also to provide a needed resource.

I'm also planning on writing a complete series of Zope 3 beginner to advanced tutorials, for which I already have the code and module outlines and only need to put them together.