Starting the fans for an HP Compaq NX6125 with Ubuntu Feisty after suspend

In the saga to make my laptop behave as best as I can I've encountered a new obstacle: using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (the beta) with kubuntu-desktop installed and using KDE, I can put the laptop in suspend mode, but the CPU fan won't turn on when I wake it. After a bit of searching I've found out that I need to do:

root@ubuntu:~# echo 0 > /proc/acpi/fan/C262/state

This starts the fan. Writing 3 in that fan ACPI state will turn off the fan.


The last update of Ubuntu broke the suspend, as shaky as it was before. The HAL package was updated and now Kubuntu won't wake up from sleep anymore. Also, I've updated my desktop from Edgy to Feisty and the update process wasn't without pains: the update-manager software would freeze and after updating with aptitude distr-upgrade, Gnome won't start anymore, the apparent reason being some problem with alsa. Funny enough, after I've installed kubuntu-desktop I can run KDE and play music with amarok without problems.