Why do the GIMP developer hate us?

I'm working on a website for which I have received PSD templates and I just need to do a Plone skin based on the templates. I'm using GIMP for various tasks, like trimming images, exporting for web, etc. Now that I have mapped some key shortcuts to their old Photoshop equivalents, to which I am used, Gimp seems more bearable. Not by much, though. Why do the Gimp developers decided that it's a cool and clever idea to develop this application in this way? When I'm working on an image, I want it full screen, I don't want the icons on the desktop drawing my attention, I want larger workspace, etc. Unfortunately, the entire interface becomes very cluttered by the tool windows, to which you have no real choice of placing them on top. I mean, I can place the layers dialog, or the tools window on top, but the tool window is actually Gimp, so next time when I open Gimp and try to save a picture, I have to wonder why there's no dialog window (which will appear underneath the picture window, because the picture window will be created as on top).

Krita seems a lot better in regards to normal workflow, but it's missing some features that Gimp seems to have. Don't get me wrong, I think Gimp is good enough for like 30% of the necessary things to do when doing web design, but every time I use it I feel like banging my head to the keyboard. There's a very deep feeling of frustration that shouldn't be caused by OSS software. Really.