Kde applications vs Gnome applications

I'm switching a bunch of Gnome daily used apps to their KDE counterparts. Namely I've switched from *Liferea to Akregate, from **GnoCHM to KchmViewer and from ***GIMP to Krita (Gimp sucks too much for me in terms of workflow, while Krita is more conventional and less awkward from some points of view). I'm using already using Konversation for IRC (much better then XChat, I'd use Chatzilla but it doesn't go to the systray), Tellico to keep a database of PS2 games and K3b for burning dvds. Next switch is for the full desktop, Gnome > KDE, but I'm waiting for some free time and Edgy, to give the new Gnome a proper review first. I've been looking at some screenshots on KDELook (thanks to Akregate came with some feeds preinstalled) and I think I wouldn't have a problem, especially if I install some compiz goodness.

* Liferea was really really slow in marking feeds as read

** Although I can't copy & paste easily inside Gnome from this kde application, it is a far better chm viewer then its gnome counterpart.

*** Come on GIMP, fixed brush sizes? Windows all over the desktop and taskbar? Plus, Krita has layer groups, which is a step away (I imagine) from having layer effects just like Photoshop. I hate GIMP so much that I'm willing to use ImageReady under wine just to avoid it.

UPDATE: gnome-mag (magnifier) doesn't even give me the opportunity to test it (just maxes the CPU), while kmag works great as a screen magnifier. Koppete is really nice, even compared to the new GAIM 2.0 beta.