Short intro to ZEO

Joel Burton is holding ad-hoc tutorials on IRC :-)

Anyway, here's his recipe to running ZEO

<joelburton> having your site running under zeo also allows you to "zopectl debug" it while it's still running, which is insanely useful. i _always_ run zope under zeo, even during development, even on my laptop, etc., and i recommend that to others.
<joelburton> thegoldenaura: zeo just splits zope-the-app-server and zope-the-database into two
<joelburton> the goldenaura: for small sites, where you expect to have just one zope server for your zeo server, i do it like this:
<joelburton> 1) use $ZOPE/bin/mkzeoinstance to make a zeo instance. for these small instances, i put it in $INSTANCE_HOME/zeo
<joelburton> 2) stop your zope instance; move your Data.fs from $INSTANCE_HOME/var to $INSTANCE_HOME/zeo/var
<joelburton> 3) edit your $INSTANCE_HOME/zope.conf to comment out the normal main storage, and ot use the ZEO storage (both at the bottom)
<joelburton> 4) start up zeo and zope