Using z3 style events

Based on my previous entry on at_post_create_script, I was curios on how to achieve something like that using z3 style events. Now, I know that it's not the same and the following events are meant only to replace manage_afterAdd and so on, but I'm pretty sure that there are (or will be) events fired that would replace the at_post_* scripts.

So, easy as it gets:

Create a new python package inside the zope Products folder, add the following method inside :

def addedATDoc(ob, event):
    print "called"
    print ob
    print event

Now add a configure.zcml file with the following content:



Start zope in debug mode (with zopectl fg) and watch the terminal when a Plone Page is created. Only problem with this method is that it's zope-wise, instead of being site-wise. localevent is a product that should help with that.